1. An OPEN WATER certification

2. An ADVANCED OPEN WATER certification

3. A current Emergency First Responder certification by   

    completion of Rescue Diver course

4. Pocket Mask and Safety sausage

5. Same equipment as AOW


E-Learning and "PIC" card       call

Practical at the Beach              call


Store Hours

Tues-Fri  11AM to 5PM

Sat          11AM to 5PM

Sun         11AM to 3PM

Mon        Closed 


After you complete your academics, quick quiz and paperwork it's time to start your RESCUE water training. Your dives will be done at Cedar Beach on Long Island's North Shore. At the beach your instructors will introduce the skills and answer any questions. All the skills you need to perform will be discussed and then your instructors will demonstrate how to perform the required skills and work hands on with you until you have mastered all the required skills. You will learn from their experience that there is more than one way to perform a rescue based on the situation at hand and how to adapt to it. Once you have completed your course you will find that your confidence level and abilities have increased tremendously and you will be better able to handle situations that may occur. You will be a better and safer diver. You will also be one step closer to becoming a Master Scuba Diver. 


It's time to get started so hit HOME and click PADI E-Learning to sign up for the RESCUE COURSE

The Rescue Diver course is the 3rd step in achieving the "Black Belt" of recreational Scuba Diving, the Master Scuba Diver

We know how hard it is to set aside 8 hours in your busy schedules to do class work. E-Learning has come a long way in solving  that problem. On your computer you can complete your reading, watch the video, and take your quizzes and final at your own pace and time. This takes the stress out of learning, you relax, retain more and it is fun. It doesn't matter how long it takes to finish. If you finish in two days that's great but if it takes 10 weeks or longer that's OK too. Once you complete your E-Learning there will be a meeting at the shop so you can meet your instructors, take a "Quick Quiz", fill out your paperwork and ask any questions. You will review the equipment you need and check out your gear so when you hit the beach you will be ready to go. After completion of  the course you will always be able to access and review all the latest Rescue Diver material on line.